Running a Youth Ministry Leadership Meeting (part 2)

A few of the search engine queries that led people to my blog last week involved people looking for advice on leading a youth leader’s meeting. I have previously blogged about it here, and there is really no more or any better advice that I have to offer on the subject, except to possibly update you on this week’s meeting.

  • The most important part that I can stress about this week’s is this. Leave room for the Spirit to work. We broke from the schedule to pray over one of our leaders for their issues they are dealing with in their life right now. God will allow you the necessary time to plan what needs done if you are truly sensitive to His leading. We had enough time to get done what we needed to tonight and still were able to spend a lot of time sharing life with each other.
  • Also, I highly recommend using Simply Youth Ministry’s The History of Youth Ministry as a part of your meetings. We started with volume 1 this week, and it was the perfect transition into our planning portion and allowed me to take a moment to express a load of gratitude for our volunteers.
  • Don’t be afraid to use media. This week before our prayer time (with a candle and music. See the last post for details, it is really a great experience) I played a Scripture motion video (Isaiah 65.1) that Youth Specialties used for last year’s Reveal-themed National Youth Worker’s Convention. It led perfectly into David Crowder’s Beautiful Collision (the B Collision acoustic version) to guide our meditative prayer time.
  • Make sure you have a schedule. Below you will see a copy of ours from the last 2 meetings that you may use as you see fit to help shape your meetings.
  • Set your next meeting time in stone . Make it a point to get it on paper before everyone leaves and mark it on your calendar (palm pilot, Outlook, Google calendar, datebook, whatever you use) that instant. Remember, if it isn’t in your planner, it does not exist.
  • Write your highlights down and send them out to your leaders. It is good, and even necessary to do this so that everyone is on the same page, in case someone missed something. This will also help you to reflect and evaluate the meeting itself.

I guess that I had more to say than I thought…

Youth Leadership Team Itineraries