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one80 Under Fire: Week 2

Jesus ticked off the Pharisees. What do our teens think about that?


one80 at the Movies: Tangled | Recap

The second week of one80 at the Movies is in the books. What did we accomplish?

Give Your Students More Ownership

Help your teens own the ministry.

Game Night!

Tonight was not a regular night at one80…

TIghtening My Focus

Things have been a little hectic for me these days. What is coming or The Brainpan in the near future?

Never Underestimate the Power of a Postcard

Yes, even this terribly archaic practice is still relevant in today’s ministry world.

2 Easy Ways to Collect Student Information

How can you remember all the contact information you get from your students?

Helping Teens Engage Scripture

A quick suggestion to help your students better engage Scripture.

Fall Fest Frivolity

Fall Fest is done, and here is the video proof that it was a blast.

Jesus on TV?

Did I really see Jesus and the Bible presented in a positive light on Primetime Television?