Wednesday Night Live – extended (11/14/2007)

Wednesday Night Live H20 LogoTonight was a journey of exploration for our students. We posed the question “Does God get angry?” And some of the answers really were… interesting.

Something that I have been afraid of was made apparent in tonight’s answers. For a long time I have feared that we as American Christians are watering down Scripture to the point that we are not getting a complete picture of God or of His character. I can see this is a lot of the health and wealth gospel that is so popular today. But I saw it in an even more subtle way. When asked whether or not God gets angry, much of our group either said no flat-out, or that God does not experience anger, and is merely disappointed with humanity and our fallenness.

Over the course of the evening we walked through three passages of Scripture where God not only exhibits anger, but even steps into wrath. Genesis 6.11-8.22 (the Flood), John 9.12-16 (Jesus clears the Temple) and Acts 5.1-10 (Ananias and Sapphira) were our passages. I had the group break into 3 teams and then present their account to us in a dramatic way without reading the Scripture (this was especially interesting for the group that had Ananias and Sapphira. They had never read that passage, even though one of their members had just last week made the statement that he has heard everything there is to hear from Scripture. I allowed the group to look after a couple of minutes of racking their brains). We had a re-enactment, a prose reading with interpretive dance and a rap. After that we walked through some of historical points that American Christianity traditionally leaves out of these accounts.

At the end of the evening I played David Crowder’s God of Wrath as Students answered four questions: What angered God in these passages, what in your life angers God, what one thing will you commit to changing in your life this week, and how are you going to accomplish this (looking for concrete examples of actions to carry out).

I believe that at the end of the evening a lot of our students had their minds changed, or were at least better informed about the awe and danger that God commands in addition to our devotion, love and friendship. God does get angry, and His wrath does exist.