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Chalkboard Prayers

A different way to start the school year in ministry…


Evaluating Ministry

I recently was forced to take some down time away from our ministry (due to a few factors), and among the reasons that I was forced to take that time was to hear God’s voice informing… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood in a Nutshell – 10/23/09

Tonight we used the “cardboard testimony” idea for our smaller Friday Night Flood crowd (the last home football game of the season was tonight). The whole night was pretty laid-back and opened up… Continue reading

Jump Start – The Body

This week’s Jump Start features Romans 12.4,5 as a lead-in to our discussion about fellowship, and being a part of the body, rather than trying to live life alone. If you can use… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood Recap – 9/12/09

Tonight was our first night back after taking the summer off. It also happens to be the Spartansburg Fair week, so our numbers were down for our first week back. But that was… Continue reading

WNL in Review – 9/9/09

Set List: Romans 16.19, How He Loves (David Crowder arrangement), A Beautiful Collision (David Crowder*Band),  No One Like You (David Crowder*Band). Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson/discussion time, created 90 Second Recap video,… Continue reading

Starting a New Student Ministry: Part One

One of the most common questions I see from youth workers on the web is “How do I start a new Ministry?” While each ministry is different, and every ministry context has its… Continue reading

Launch: Plan B, Continued

As promised, here is the follow-up to fill you all in on how our Plan-B “Welcome to Junior High” event went this past weekend. Launch was designed to be a 15-mile canoe trip… Continue reading

H20 in the Fall: Videos & Video Games

When winter comes in Corry, it drops a lot of snow on us. Seriously, a lot of snow. In fact, it’s not unheard of for winter to last from October through March or… Continue reading

Launch: Plan B

Today we welcome our incoming 7th graders and celebrate our current and departing Junior High students. The plan was to take them canoeing 15 miles down the Allegheny River, but I got a… Continue reading