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Famine Kickoff 2013

Tonight we kicked off our 30 Hour Famine preparation…


The 30 Hour Famine (2012)

The 30 Hour Famine has come and gone. This being our first here in Amherst, we had some learning curves to get through. But we weathered the weekend pretty well. There is a… Continue reading

The Famine is Upon Us!

This weekend (starting at the same time this post goes live), H20 Student Ministries is participating in the 30 Hour Famine. Many of you will be familiar with what the Famine is, but… Continue reading

Networking With the Local Paper

Free tip: Don’t be afraid to network with local news outlets to draw attention to worthwhile programs and causes. At the end of this month, H20 Student Ministries will be taking part in… Continue reading

Worldvision Experience

About 6 weeks ago I glanced at the bottom of our Student Ministry’s giving statement for our sponsor child, Fahim. What I saw was that World Vision was sponsoring an AIDS walkthrough about… Continue reading