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Is Winter Jam Really All It Claims to Be?

Is Winter Jam really worth the effort?


As Seen on: Go On (4.17.2013)

How did God intend for humans to make it through life?

As Seen on: LOST (4.10.2013)

We dove into LOST to answer the question: “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

Famine Kickoff 2013

Tonight we kicked off our 30 Hour Famine preparation…

As Seen On: How I Met Your Mother (3.27.13)

Can we really learn a Godly perspective on anger from Ted Mosby?

As Seen on: Duck Dynasty (3.20.13)

What can Duck Dynasty teach us about God’s plan for families?

Church in a Synagogue

God does indeed work in creative ways…

As Seen on: Once Upon a Time (3.13.13)

Fairy Tales, creation and salvation.

As Seen On: The Big bang Theory (3.6.13)

As Seen on TV starts off with a Bang! (Did I really just write that?)

As Seen on TV Promo (video)

What is coming up for Wednesday nights in March?