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As Promised, SPAM videos!

Last week was our SPAMtastic challenge. I blogged about it and promised videos. So here they are! Here is the SPAMtastic Challenge Video recap from Wednesday Night Live. It runs a little long,… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood In Review – 1/4

Hoo boy. Let me say that again. Hoo BOY! Tonight was rough. Well, let me back up a little. It was not all bad. But a lot of it was rough. Tonight was… Continue reading

WNL Extended – (1/2)

Another change-of-pace evening for H20’s Wednesday Night Live program last night. We hosted what has been labeled the Spamtastic Challenge. That’s right, we taught Spiritual Truth using Spam! So how did the evening… Continue reading

New Year’s Reading while I don’t Post

Even though New Year’s is upon us, I have no resolutions to post. In fact, I’ll explain why in a couple of days. But for now, here is a brief look at a… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live Preview

Working ahead for WNL, and I have a germ of an idea for the first Wednesday in January. Spam. I want to take Spam as an under-respected food item, yet full of good… Continue reading