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The Discipline of Guidance

Guidance is good. But can we truly seek guidance as a group?


The Discipline of Worship

Nearing the end of the book, Worship is a discipline that I was already very familiar with. But what is worship really?

The Discipline of Confession

After the inward and outward confessions, Foster moves into the corporate confessions with confession…

The Discipline of Service

There is a lot more to this chapter than I was expecting. I have been involved in church life since before I can remember. Service has always been one of the chief tenants… Continue reading

The Discipline of Submission

How far should we be willing to go i our submission to others?

The Discipline of Solitude

It strikes me as quite humorous that I am about to attempt to share many words about this chapter in Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline when half the chapter focuses upon the importance… Continue reading

The Discipline of Simplicity

Simplicity is so much more than simply not having much…

The Discipline of Study

I love to study. But am I really studying well?

The Discipline of Fasting

Have I ever truly fasted?

The Discipline of Prayer

Prayer is so much more than we think it is…