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Sacred Romance: Questions for the Panel

Week 4 of our Sacred Romance series involved having a panel of 2 couples from the church answer questions our students have asked over the past 3 weeks…


Sacred Romance: What is Love (Tuesday Night Recap)

Love is so much more than we understand it to mean in our world today.

WNL In a Nutshell – 10/29

Since stepping in as the Youth Pastor here at the First United Methodist Church in Corry, I have experienced some pretty amazing displays of God’s power, of His Spirit moving through our teens.… Continue reading

What Happens to Your Car When You Leave Town…

A couple of weeks ago I led a group of our teens from H20 to Alive in Canal Fulton, Ohio. In doing so, I had to leave my car in the church parking… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/20)

Week three of our iLove series at Wednesday Night Live. Tonight we wrapped up our study series through the topic of love. And we also continued to expand our number of Friday Night… Continue reading

iLove Video

Just thought I’d share our intro video for our iLove series @ WNL. Enjoy.

Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/13)

Week two of iLove here at Wednesday Night Live. Tonight we dove head-first into Scripture about love. Where last week we discussed what love is not (not a feeling), this week we took… Continue reading

Questions For the Youth Ministry Community

Last week at our Wednesday Night Live program, I invited our teens to ask questions about love anonymously that we will seek to answer over the next two weeks. I shared a couple… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/6)

If pressed, I would label tonight as one of the best evenings of teaching here in Corry since beginning ministry here in August. It really was that good. Tonight we started a new… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – Extended (1/30)

This week marks the final week in a month-long study through 4 of the most confusing things that Jesus said while in His ministry here on earth…a This week we continued to grow,… Continue reading