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A Great Question to Ask Your Volunteers

Want a great question that will help your volunteer leaders in ministry?



My best mission opportunity so far in ministry took place this past summer…

Busy Day

Whew. Sunday was an insane day for me. Here’s a rundown: 9:45am: Sunday School – Check-in with teens, announcements and guest missionaries sharing about their ministry together. One (Pastor Nelson) only speaks Portuguese,… Continue reading

H20 in the Fall: Student Leadership

This fall we are starting a new program within H20. We will be starting up a Student Leadership Team. We have collected applications from a handful of teens who desire to be trained… Continue reading

A Student Ministry No-No

A while back I had to take a step back and breathe a little bit. I witnessed something that should never happen in a Student Ministry setting. An adult leader poked fun at… Continue reading

How Do You Get Your Teens To Read Scripture?

Just an open thread idea here. If you are in Youth Ministry, either as a volunteer or as a paid leader, chime in with your thoughts to this line of questioning: How do… Continue reading

FNFlood in Brief – 3/27

I’m about a day late for this debrief. But the extra day gave me a little more time to process the evening. Last night we turned the keys of Friday Night Flood over… Continue reading

Leading From Within – Continue Learning

I wanted to wrap up this series of posts on a really encouraging note, but one that would challenge as well. Continue learning. This is one thing that no matter how devoted I… Continue reading

Leading From Within – Just Say No

HaveĀ  you ever found yourself feeling like you had to say yes to everything that you are presented with? Sitting on committees, making one more phone call, leading one more Bible Study, creating… Continue reading

Leading From Within – Sabbath

It should come as no surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I am a big supporter of a regular Sabbath. I can’t help it, it’s Scripture. But how successful at… Continue reading