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FNFlood in a Nutshell – 5/15/09

Tonight was another return to ministry for me this week. Last week Friday Night Flood was run entirely by our volunteer leadership team, and from what I hear was a great evening. This… Continue reading

What is God?

I posted last night about our WNL program that asked the question “What is God?” Here is the video of some of our teens offering their own answers. Enjoy. [blip.tv ?posts_id=2123794&dest=-1] If you… Continue reading

WNL in Review – 5/13/09

Tonight was my first night back in the saddle for teaching after taking last week off (new baby). That is an odd sentence looking back over it, but I am leaving it. Last… Continue reading

Leading From Within – Sabbath

It should come as no surprise to any regular reader of this blog that I am a big supporter of a regular Sabbath. I can’t help it, it’s Scripture. But how successful at… Continue reading

Check This One Out

Love this article over at ESPN. Great around this time of year. Let’s see more of this before and after Christmas as well. And what can we do on a regular basis to… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood In Brief – 10/10

We had a very small, intimate evening tonight. It was Corry’s homecoming, so much of our regular crowd was the at the football game. But we still had a handful that were not… Continue reading

Being Lifelong Students

Yesterday we welcomed 5 (of our 7 who wanted to) Middle Schoolers into membership within our church. I have spent the past 8 weeks (okay, seven of the last eight, I was gone… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – In Review (5/28)

Tonight we wrapped up our Dear God series at Wednesday Night Live. It was a good evening, with three guest panelist, 11 questions answered, and a ton of crowd participation with follow-up questions.… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live in Review (5/21)

Tonight was week three in our Dear God series, in which we have “guest panelists” (adults who are involved in our church) answer questions that our teens have asked over the past month… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live in Review (5/14)

Tonight was week two of our Dear God series in H20’s Wednesday Night Live. We had three new guest panelists, all volunteers in our student ministry program, and they tackled nine more of… Continue reading