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Friday Night Flood in Review – 2/8

Friday Night Flood was back in action tonight. After taking a break last week due to weather, we opened the doors to teens of all shapes, ages and sizes to hang out, relax,… Continue reading


So over the past couple of weeks I have noticed my blogging output has been dropping. This is not an intentional thing, but simply a result of becoming busy in other areas. I… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – Extended (2/6)

If pressed, I would label tonight as one of the best evenings of teaching here in Corry since beginning ministry here in August. It really was that good. Tonight we started a new… Continue reading

How Did You Find Me? vol. 20

Here it is. I think after this week, I may make this a monthly installment. Christ the King Football – is this a video game? 39 year old guys – ???? can a… Continue reading

No Friday Night Flood Tonight

We canceled Friday Night Flood tonight. First time this has happened since I started here in August. The school closed due to freezing rain this morning, and it did not let up much… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – Extended (1/30)

This week marks the final week in a month-long study through 4 of the most confusing things that Jesus said while in His ministry here on earth…a This week we continued to grow,… Continue reading

How Did You Find Me? vol.19

Another week, another list of the most interesting search terms that have led people here to Confessions of a Human Being. Perhaps I should star doing this on a monthly basis, as opposed… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood in Review – 1/25

Tonight was a fairly routine evening at Friday Night Flood. There were good discussions with a few students, exciting competitive interaction with others. Nothing really out of the ordinary. One of our students… Continue reading

How Did You Find Me? vol. 18

Here again, fun search terms that led people here this week. how to pick a life verse – if you need direction here, then you probably aren’t selecting your life verse, merely one… Continue reading

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider… and Truthiness

Last night at Friday Night Flood, I ran into a conversation with a handful of students about myths and urban legends. After dispelling some of their belief in a few myths (Mountain Dew… Continue reading