My Daughter Has a New Mission

Abby has stepped into a new realm of creativity…

Never Underestimate the Power of a Postcard

Yes, even this terribly archaic practice is still relevant in today’s ministry world.

2 Easy Ways to Collect Student Information

How can you remember all the contact information you get from your students?

Helping Teens Engage Scripture

A quick suggestion to help your students better engage Scripture.

The Weekend Update: One Year Later

Has it really been a year already?

Fall Fest Frivolity

Fall Fest is done, and here is the video proof that it was a blast.

Jesus on TV?

Did I really see Jesus and the Bible presented in a positive light on Primetime Television?

The Last Nicaragua Video

I can now close the book on editing Nicaragua videos…

A New Project of Mine…

Yeah, I started a new blog…

Don’t Blow Off the King!

One of our student leaders has taken over our challenge times at one80. What is he doing with it?