Always a Fresh Lesson

I just had a student leave our house after spending 3 hours hanging out with us. She comes over every Thursday for some hang out time and some mentoring. Tonight was an evening… Continue reading

I am like Tim Taylor

One of my favorite shows from back in the mid nineties was Home Improvement. I have been catching up on the reruns on TBS weekdays when I come home for lunch. One of… Continue reading

Welcome into the Madness

Okay, not a rookie blogger, but definitely not an expert. I intend to use this blog as a forum for discussion (or maybe just as a monologue) on all the areas of my… Continue reading

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Okay, so it only took me 2 weeks to write this review… or at least it took me 2 weeks to take the time to sitdown and write this review. So it is not… Continue reading

Hinder: Lips of an Angel

Okay, so here is the skinny. Hinder is a relatively new band (at least to the mainstream market). I tried looking into some of their backstory, but at the time of this post their site… Continue reading

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: Face Down

Have you ever had to deal with abuse in a dating relationship? In a married relationship? Have you known friends who have had to deal with this pain? Parents who have had to… Continue reading

Angels and Airwaves: We Don’t Need to Whisper

Take one part Blink-182’s last studio album, one helping of Boxcar Racer, a dash of braveSaintSaturn, a smidge of Dashboard Confessional, a smattering of U2 and a hint of 80’s stadium rock, and you have Angels andAirwaves. The album is a… Continue reading