What Is a Youth Pastor to Do?

I write this post with a heavy heart in search of some guidance and some advice. In my ministry, there is a student that Kelly and I have poured ourselves into over the… Continue reading

Just Another Fun Day of Video

This video is from a while back It’s actually footage from 2003 that I finally got around to editing. It’s from a Turkey Bowl that I played in back in college. Hope you… Continue reading

A Lighthearted Look at Technology

I had a visit from another pastor in town this afternoon. His church is 2 blocks away from our Youth/Community Center where we hold our Sunday night programming. When he dropped in this… Continue reading

Country Club Youth Group

It has been an interesting season so far in our regular Sunday Night Youth programming. We call it Sunday Nite Live (the logo is in this post) and it runs from 6 –… Continue reading


So this week has once again been a rough one. Wow, small wonder there. Loads of hard questions in the Ministry. Where are we going? What are we supposed to be doing? Are… Continue reading

Church… or Country Club?

I haven’t posted in a few days because the past week has been pretty rough. Not necessarily a bad rough, but a very busy rough. I filled in for a pastor at another… Continue reading

Man was made for the Sabbath…

So the Sabbath, a day for… what exactly? In college I was taught that the Sabbath is a sort of “preview” of what life on the other side of eternity will be like.… Continue reading

Life Together

Well, back into the office after a loooong weekend, and I have to say I had a fairly productive day. A morning of catching up on paperwork from the weekend outreach event that… Continue reading

Birthing Retreat, Part 2

Okay, so we had the second half of our birthing retreat today, and it was just jam-packed with important information that Kelly and I will need to know in about 5 months… it… Continue reading

A Change of Pace for the Weekend

I did not participate in our Youth Ministry’s regular Friday Night weekly outreach program tonight. Instead Kelly and I spent our afternoon and evening at a mini Birthing retreat (the rest of the… Continue reading