Ever Wish Your Church Had a Drive-Thru?

As I read through my Google Reader list this morning, I came across this video on Josh’s blog. It runs at about 5 minutes in length, but it really captures the idea of… Continue reading

It’s Hard to Reach Teens’ Hearts if all You Can See is Their Parts…

It is a little bit of a tradition for our adult leadership to spend some time at the Perkins down the road after Friday Night Flood to discuss and debrief the evening’s program.… Continue reading

New Friday Night Programming

Our Friday night outreach program – Friday Night Flood – kicked off tonight. We had many students from unchurched backgrounds come out and enjoy the evening. We are attempting to set up a… Continue reading


Got a new HDD video camera for the youth ministry, and tested it out on the soccer team and on Abigail. Here is the result of one of those tests.

Spiritual Warfare

Our local school district supports a release time program, where teens are excused for about 90 minutes during a week for religious instruction. I have been tapped to help lead this instruction time,… Continue reading

9/11 and U2

I was watching the NFL network before turning in for the night, and was pleasantly surprised to see them run U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” performance from Super Bowl XXXVI in… Continue reading

My Encouragement from an Experienced Minister

I met with the Area Ministerial Association today.  We started around 11:30 and I did not leave the building until right about 2:00PM. We had lunch, I got to introduce myself to all… Continue reading

Football Games and Youth Ministry

I spent Friday evening at the High School’s football game. And while there was a LOT more of an aerial focus (read: the forward pass) than I have seen in High School Football… Continue reading

Long-Distance Youth Ministry

I was watching TV the other evening when my Yahoo! Messenger popped up not one, but two chat windows. As it turns out, both were former students wanting to talk. The first student… Continue reading

100 Posts and Counting

I noticed on my dashboard panel last week that I was nearing 100 posts. And now that I have reached 100 posts, I felt that I wanted to commemorate the occasion with a… Continue reading