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From time to time I post about the topic of Sabbath here on this blog. (Here, here and here are a few examples). It is a concept that we in America tend to… Continue reading

Renewing Your Spiritual Passion

While I was away on ManCation this weekend (my first opportunity for such a gathering in over 3 years) we had a load of fun. There was great discussion about many areas of… Continue reading

Our New Theme

This fall we will take our Student Ministry program in a new direction… especially new for our teens. The world is a broken place and God calls us to be the remedy. To… Continue reading

Biblical Literacy?

Are your teens Biblically illiterate? A lot of the ones that I work with are. So as I was perusing YouTube lately, I stumbled across these gems created by a church both to… Continue reading

A Prayer Request

Earlier today I asked for your prayers for myself. This afternoon I got a text message that has prompted me to again request your prayers. Please remember the family of one of our… Continue reading

Your Prayers Would Be A Blessing

Kelly is heading out of town most of this weekend for the Women of Faith conference in Cleveland, leaving Dad and Abigail to hang out together for a couple of days. I am… Continue reading

Ministry Happens… Anywhere

Last night I had the opportunity to join in our Middle School guys small group. Normally I am watching Abigail while Kelly leads the Middle School girls (I meet with the graduating seniors… Continue reading

A Helpful Bible Study Tool

I first heard about YouVersion through another blogger several weeks ago. (I think it was Josh). If you have not heard of it, YouVersion is an online Bible Study tool. More than just… Continue reading

Halo Clarification

Last October I blogged about Halo and its use in Youth Ministry contexts. It has become my single highest read post with (as of this writing) nearly 5,200 individual views (probably because I… Continue reading

Being Lifelong Students

Yesterday we welcomed 5 (of our 7 who wanted to) Middle Schoolers into membership within our church. I have spent the past 8 weeks (okay, seven of the last eight, I was gone… Continue reading