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Friday Night Flood in Brief – 9/26/2008

Tonight was crazy. But crazy good. We had a lot of our adult leaders back tonight, so we were a lot better prepared for more teens. And more teens we had. A lot.… Continue reading

WNL In A Nutshell – 9/17/2008

Tonight was a very different night for us. I realize that I say this a lot but it really was. Our church’s Wednesday Night meal has been opened up to the community as… Continue reading

WNL in a Nutshell – 9/10/08

Tonight was a great evening. It really was. For starters, our church began inviting everyone in the community to join us for a free dinner before our programming starts on Wednesday nights. There… Continue reading


This past summer we took 8 High School students on a service camp/mission project in Pittsburgh. (It’s called The Pittsburgh Project, and you can learn all about it here). While we were down… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood in Brief – 9/5

Tonight was our first evening back in the saddle for Friday Night Flood. It was a little weird being back after a three month hiatus, but we quickly slipped back into the swing… Continue reading


From time to time I post about the topic of Sabbath here on this blog. (Here, here and here are a few examples). It is a concept that we in America tend to… Continue reading

Renewing Your Spiritual Passion

While I was away on ManCation this weekend (my first opportunity for such a gathering in over 3 years) we had a load of fun. There was great discussion about many areas of… Continue reading

Our New Theme

This fall we will take our Student Ministry program in a new direction… especially new for our teens. The world is a broken place and God calls us to be the remedy. To… Continue reading

Biblical Literacy?

Are your teens Biblically illiterate? A lot of the ones that I work with are. So as I was perusing YouTube lately, I stumbled across these gems created by a church both to… Continue reading

Just in Case You Missed It…

Last night I filled in for Pastor John on our weekly Internet radio show Wednesday Night Live. Cal and I discussed Christianity and media consumption. It was a fun time, so if you… Continue reading