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What Makes a Student?

This post is the second part of a series that responds to the article/editorial “Don’t Call ‘Em Students” found in Group Magazine’s September/October 2008 issue. To read the article, go here. To read… Continue reading

So We Shouldn’t Be Students?

I received the current issue of Group magazine a couple of weeks ago and was immediately intrigued by one of the headlines on the front cover. It read “Don’t Call ‘Em Students.” I… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood in Brief – 10/3

What an evening! It really was a smooth evening (at least my experience tonight was), and there was a lot of great ministry that happened. For starters, we had around the same number… Continue reading

WNL In a Nutshell – 10/1/08

Tonight at WNL we held our first Reflection Evening for the school year. We held several of these last year, and each was met with resounding excitement from students, partially since it was… Continue reading

How Do You Encourage Scripture Reading in Your Teens?

While not necessarily study (there is a ot of reading and interacting with the text, but no real academic work to speak of) I have been running a Bible Reading blog for the… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood in Brief – 9/26/2008

Tonight was crazy. But crazy good. We had a lot of our adult leaders back tonight, so we were a lot better prepared for more teens. And more teens we had. A lot.… Continue reading

WNL In A Nutshell – 9/17/2008

Tonight was a very different night for us. I realize that I say this a lot but it really was. Our church’s Wednesday Night meal has been opened up to the community as… Continue reading

WNL in a Nutshell – 9/10/08

Tonight was a great evening. It really was. For starters, our church began inviting everyone in the community to join us for a free dinner before our programming starts on Wednesday nights. There… Continue reading


This past summer we took 8 High School students on a service camp/mission project in Pittsburgh. (It’s called The Pittsburgh Project, and you can learn all about it here). While we were down… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood in Brief – 9/5

Tonight was our first evening back in the saddle for Friday Night Flood. It was a little weird being back after a three month hiatus, but we quickly slipped back into the swing… Continue reading