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God’s Story | Sam’s Story (video)

Powerful testimony about God’s love.


As Seen on: Duck Dynasty (3.20.13)

What can Duck Dynasty teach us about God’s plan for families?

Church in a Synagogue

God does indeed work in creative ways…

As Seen on: Once Upon a Time (3.13.13)

Fairy Tales, creation and salvation.

As Seen On: The Big bang Theory (3.6.13)

As Seen on TV starts off with a Bang! (Did I really just write that?)

Something Different | 2.27.2013

A little preview of what is to come for one80…

HABIT #6: Scripture Memorization (2.13.13)

Our HABITS series is over!

Student Leader Takeover (1.23.2013 Recap)

Our Student Leaders took over this week. What did it look like?

The Giglio Imbroglio

Are you tired of hearing about the pastor who was dis-invited from the White House?

The New Men

The chapter that wraps everything up…