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Something to prepare myself for The Avengers…


The Payoff

Can allowing teens to shave my head really make a difference in the world?

Happy Easter!

Some thoughts about Peter and myself on Easter morning…

I Don’t Want to Be Like Jack

I share some character traits with Jack Shepherd… and that is not necessarily a good thing…

Running on Empty

I have been struggling with truly resting lately…

Broken Compass (Promotional Ad)

Next week one80 will start a new two-part series that explores what can happen when what guides us – our moral compass – is off course. What happens when we allow the world… Continue reading

I am Like Tim Taylor: Redux

With this post, From the Brainpan officially reaches 1,000 published posts. To me, this is a significant achievement… 1,000 posts ago I wrote about one of the similarities I saw between myself and Tim Allen’s character, Tim Taylor. I spoke about how Tim sets out with great intentions, yet makes mistakes because he tends to overdo everything he puts his mind to.

Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen

I stumbled across this video earlier today and it is quite polarizing. (Check out the article that tipped me off to the video). People tend to skew either toward labeling this gentleman the… Continue reading

Three Quick Things

Here is he announcement video I threw together for February. Enjoy!

Destination Unknown Highlights

Highlights from Destination Unknown 2012!