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Great Sabbath

This week I was reminded of the importance of taking Sabbath. The idea of Sabbath is very simple. We rest because God rested. I was taught back in college that Sabbath does not… Continue reading

One Week: Saturday

Saturday has come, and I spent most of it taking the kiddos to their grandparents by way of their aunt and uncle. Then got mad at the washing machine… [ ?posts_id=3969819&dest=-1]

One Week: Wednesday

Wednesdays are typically one of my busiest days in a normal week (whatever passes for normal in ministry, anyway). Today’s vlog is a little longer than the previous two days, but I think… Continue reading

One Week: Monday

Monday is typically my Sabbath day. It is also the first day of my One Week project. Watch the episode below… [ ?posts_id=3950401&dest=-1]

why, God? Week Two (WNL 4/21)

Set List: How He Loves (David Crowder*Band video), Love Carrier (unknown), Hands and Feet (Audio Adrenaline). Prepwork For the Evening: Prepared lesson and PowerPoint, created EasyWorship schedule, practiced music, set up room, prayed.… Continue reading

The Highlight Reel

Here’s a little peek into what I’ve been doing instead of blogging lately. Being a good dad and playing with my kids! (And uploading their videos on my new Macbook. But that’s secondary… Continue reading

Teen Mom

Tonight MTV premieres a spin-off of their 16 and Pregnant series, Teen Mom. As Youth Workers, this could be an interesting tool for us. I say could be because MTV is bound to… Continue reading

That Was Rough

I got to spend all last week laying on the couch being waited on hand and foot by a beautiful woman, entertaining myself with whatever I could imagine on-screen. Well, that’s one way… Continue reading

Busy Day

Whew. Sunday was an insane day for me. Here’s a rundown: 9:45am: Sunday School – Check-in with teens, announcements and guest missionaries sharing about their ministry together. One (Pastor Nelson) only speaks Portuguese,… Continue reading

Rough Weekend

This weekend has been rough. Here’s a brief rundown, starting with the most… insignificant defeats: Both of my fantasy football teams underperformed and lost, leaving me 1-2 in one league, and 0-3 in… Continue reading