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Between Palm Sunday and Easter

An evaluation of this week’s Tuesday night meting…


Broken Compass (Promotional Ad)

Next week one80 will start a new two-part series that explores what can happen when what guides us – our moral compass – is off course. What happens when we allow the world… Continue reading

Overcome Hunger (Tuesday Night Review)

Set List: Trading My Sorrows, I Will Follow, Thy Mercy My God is the Theme of My Song, Hands and Feet Scripture Used: Matthew 19.14, Mark 10.14 Additional Resources Used: Overcome Hunger video,… Continue reading

Sacred Romance: Questions for the Panel

Week 4 of our Sacred Romance series involved having a panel of 2 couples from the church answer questions our students have asked over the past 3 weeks…

Sacred Romance: What is Love (Tuesday Night Recap)

Love is so much more than we understand it to mean in our world today.

Tuesday Night Recap (How to Read the Bible: Parables)

Parables can be tricky to understand, so we need to take care in how we interpret them…

one80 at the Movies: To Save a Life

God calls us to serve as His hands and feet in the world, so how can you do that in your world?

one80 at the Movies: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Narnia is an amazing allegory for the awesome work of Christ.

one80 at the Movies: The Dark Knight (1.3.2011)

Set List: Your Grace is Enough, Shadows, Amazing Love (You Are My King) Scripture Used: Romans 3.23, Romans 6.23, Isaiah 53.3-6, Galatians 1.3, 2 Corinthians 5.18-21, 1 John 2.2, 1 Peter 3.17-18 Additional… Continue reading

Tuesday Night Recap: December 27, 2011

Set List: Lord Reign in Me, O Come Let us Adore Him, Awakening Scripture Used: Matthew 14.13-21, Mark 6.31-44, Luke 9.10-17, John 6.5-15 Additional Resources Used: Advent 2011: Haven House video Evening in… Continue reading