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My Stage 6 Channels

A while back Tim told the world about Divx’s Stage 6 video hosting site. I checked it out, and was so impressed that I have begun uploading all of my video efforts there.… Continue reading

Help! Another Church is Stealing our Youth!

A couple of weeks ago there was a search that led to my blog which has intrigued me. So naturally I decided to blog about it, since I do not believe that I… Continue reading

The Ultimate Pick-Up Line Competition

I want to share something with you. Check out these videos from last Friday Night Flood. Make sure to watch the top video first!

How Did You Find Me? vol.9

Here it is, the ninth collection of my favorite search terms that led readers here this week: fat speedo – now you’re just getting lazy… swimsuit man – faster than a dsl modem,… Continue reading

Friday Night Low Tide – 11/16/2007

Hormones abound! At least tonight they did. And that made for an interesting evening. Tonight we were back in the church for the evening. We were able to gather most of the adult… Continue reading

Jesus: Prophet, Priest and King

Just thought I’d share this. It is a promo for a teaching series we’ll be using in a couple of weeks. Made it in Vegas. I’ll post highlights from the series as they… Continue reading

Wednesday Night Live – extended (11/14/2007)

Tonight was a journey of exploration for our students. We posed the question “Does God get angry?” And some of the answers really were… interesting. Something that I have been afraid of was… Continue reading

Running a Youth Ministry Leadership Meeting (part 2)

A few of the search engine queries that led people to my blog last week involved people looking for advice on leading a youth leader’s meeting. I have previously blogged about it here,… Continue reading

Friday Night Flood Goes Skating

Here it is, the fabled highlight video from last week’s relocation to the skating rink here in town.

This Week’s Youth Lesson

Had to share this. Made it in Vegas in about 15 minutes. This is our topic this week.