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re:play (midweek evaluation)

New series, and some teaching outside the house!


Our Experience at Believe: The Presence

Was our first time at Christ in Youth’s Believe conference worth the trip?

Is Winter Jam Really All It Claims to Be?

Is Winter Jam really worth the effort?

As Seen on: Go On (4.17.2013)

How did God intend for humans to make it through life?

As Seen on: LOST (4.10.2013)

We dove into LOST to answer the question: “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”

Famine Kickoff 2013

Tonight we kicked off our 30 Hour Famine preparation…

As Seen On: How I Met Your Mother (3.27.13)

Can we really learn a Godly perspective on anger from Ted Mosby?

God’s Story | Sam’s Story (video)

Powerful testimony about God’s love.

As Seen on: Duck Dynasty (3.20.13)

What can Duck Dynasty teach us about God’s plan for families?

Weekend Update: Rent-A-Teen Edition (video)

Our weekend announcement video for Trinity E-Free.