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Evaluating Ministry: Good Questions

Last time I shared about the need to have a solid base for evaluating ministry. This time around I simply want to share some questions that I like to ask when evaluating our… Continue reading

Evaluating Ministry: Where to Start

When evaluating your ministry, it helps to know where you should start. How can you know if you are carrying out your ministry’s mission and goals if you don’t know what they are?… Continue reading

Ministry Tip: An Organized Workspace

This week’s Student Ministry Tip explores just how an organized workspace can improve your ministry to teenagers. [ ?posts_id=3651480&dest=-1] View it on YouTube View it (and more videos like it) in iTunes

Ministry Tip: Giving Teens Rides

It happens all the time. At the end of the evening you are asked if you can give one of your teens a ride home from your ministry program or event. While this… Continue reading

Bursting the Bubble

I was watching an episode of Boy Meets World this morning (yup, child of the ’90’s over here), and was struck by something in the episode. In the episode Cory (the lead jr.… Continue reading

Ministry Tip: Car Conversations

Here is a quick little video sharing some advice about teens and conversations. I hope to get these video tips out on a regular basis (I already have three locked and loaded to… Continue reading

why, God? Bad Parents Recap

Last week our ministry explored the question of “How do I honor my parents if they don’t deserve it?” Here is the recap video that covers the major points of the evening. This… Continue reading

Being Fluid

“Be flexible.” This was probably one of the most repeated sentences I heard during my 4 years at Geneva College. My professors (one more than the rest, really) would use it as an… Continue reading

Jump Start: Psalm 15

Wow. It has been a while since I recorded a Jump Start. We stopped using them in our ministry (we suspended video announcements for a while), and I found that I missed filming… Continue reading

The Man Behind the Movie

One of the most repeated sentences I will ever utter here on this blog is that we as Student Ministers (either paid or volunteer) need to meet teens where they are at. (Yes,… Continue reading