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Follow the Signposts

Months back, I shared a video about our plan to help students remember what we taught them and what they experienced with us throughout the year. You can check that video out here.… Continue reading

Love Wins: My Conclusions

This is the third part of a three-part series in which I will explore Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. Feel free to addyour own thoughts in the comments section below. You can read about the… Continue reading

The Bad, Wrong and Ugly in Love Wins

This is the second part of a three-part series in which I will explore Rob Bell’s book Love Wins. Feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments section below. You can read… Continue reading

My Cell Phone as an Offering

“… and so God gives to Moses… Tim, please put that phone away. You can text with your friend after we’re done here. Thanks… Anyway, God gives Moses these two stone… Mark, I… Continue reading

2 Things Every Youth Worker Should Know

Earlier this week I received a message from someone who wants to go into youth ministry as a vocation. She asked me about training, and wondered specifically what types of classes she would… Continue reading

Keep them Updated

In student ministry there are tons of things that we need to keep students in the loop about. Trips, meetings, Bible Studies, dodgeball tournaments. Tons of stuff. This week I want to look… Continue reading

JumpStart: Knowing When to Shut Up

JumpStart is making a comeback here at The Brainpan! It has been far too long since I shared my learnings in Scripture with you through video. This week, take a look at Proverbs… Continue reading

My Ministry Dreams for the Road Ahead

Ministry is organic. It is always growing, changing, and (if you are a hard-core conservative please do not terrorize me over my next word choice) evolving. This is especially true when you work… Continue reading

Top Student Ministry Resources

Recently the District Youth Leaders Network that I am a part of solicited lists of resources that we use in an effort to help each other find quality resources. Now, a lot of… Continue reading

Prayer, Fasting and Dreaming Video

A little while back, I shared about some prayer stations that we used for Wednesday Night Live which center around the practices of prayer and fasting, as well as asking God what His… Continue reading