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The Dark Knight Rises (Movie Review)

Christopher Nolan’s final entry into his Dark Knight trilogy is powerful, and has a lot to say to viewers who want to listen…


The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Review)

How does The Amazing Spider-Man hold up? And can I review it without comparing it to Sam Raimi’s trilogy?

Avengers Assemble!

I saw Marvel’s The Avengers twice in the span of 20 hours. Was it worth it? I think so…

Awakening (Movie Review)

Jews for Jesus has a new documentary out called Awakening. I gave it a viewing, and here is why you should too…

Divided over Divided? Not Really…

I screened the new film Divided this morning, and I have to say that I was left wanting. Divided claims to be a full-length documentary of one young (19 years old) man’s journey… Continue reading

Crazy, Stupid Love Review

Earlier this week Kelly and I got to take in Steve Carrell’s latest movie, Crazy, Stupid Love. We both really enjoyed it. So much so, that I wrote up a review for it.… Continue reading

Friday Movie Reviews

While I am unpacking the boxes around our new home, I wanted to point out the two latest movie reviews that I have posted over at Brainpan Reviews. Both films are still in… Continue reading

The Fountain

“What if you could live forever?” Thus is the premise that sold movie-goers into seeing the movie The Fountain.  The Fountain is a Love Story wrapped up in a Sci-Fi drama, packaged in an indie… Continue reading


I had low expectations for Accepted. The advertising campaign painted it as an “Animal House” for a new generation. So walking into a viewing of it I was expecting the lowbrow humor to… Continue reading

The Lake House

I was not expecting to spend any serious time writing a review for this movie when my wife and I sat down to watch it. I figured that it was a simple chick-flick… Continue reading