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A fun little project with my son…


one80 at the Movies: Tangled | Recap

The second week of one80 at the Movies is in the books. What did we accomplish?

Give Your Students More Ownership

Help your teens own the ministry.

TIghtening My Focus

Things have been a little hectic for me these days. What is coming or The Brainpan in the near future?

My Daughter Has a New Mission

Abby has stepped into a new realm of creativity…

The Weekend Update: One Year Later

Has it really been a year already?

Fall Fest Frivolity

Fall Fest is done, and here is the video proof that it was a blast.

Jesus on TV?

Did I really see Jesus and the Bible presented in a positive light on Primetime Television?

A New Project of Mine…

Yeah, I started a new blog…

Don’t Blow Off the King!

One of our student leaders has taken over our challenge times at one80. What is he doing with it?