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How Did You Find Me? vol. 22

It is interesting to see how people stumble across my blog…


The ‘Cardinal Virtues’

What are the virtues that all humans should embody, regardless of their religious beliefs?

The Three Parts of Morality

Can humans truly be moral creatures?

The Discipline of Celebration

Celebration brings joy into life, and joy makes us strong.

The Discipline of Guidance

Guidance is good. But can we truly seek guidance as a group?

The Discipline of Worship

Nearing the end of the book, Worship is a discipline that I was already very familiar with. But what is worship really?

The Dark Knight Rises (Movie Review)

Christopher Nolan’s final entry into his Dark Knight trilogy is powerful, and has a lot to say to viewers who want to listen…

The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Review)

How does The Amazing Spider-Man hold up? And can I review it without comparing it to Sam Raimi’s trilogy?

A Return to Sonlife

Sonlife, SEMP, Live 2|6 and Chicago. What a phenomenal 2 days…


What happens when you add me, my brother-in-law, a video camera and a trip to Walmart together?