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Church in a Synagogue

God does indeed work in creative ways…


5.5 Fun Facts for February (Video)

one80 news for February.

The Giglio Imbroglio

Are you tired of hearing about the pastor who was dis-invited from the White House?

A Great Question to Ask Your Volunteers

Want a great question that will help your volunteer leaders in ministry?

2012 In Review

What a year 2012 was for me

Destination: Unknown!

We’ve gone on our Destination Unknown!

Man of Steel

The New Man of Steel trailer is out!

Two Notes

Lewis recaps a couple of arguments for the reader, and offers a new thought to startle us all…

Exploring Advent with Teenagers (Wednesday Night in Review 12.5)

We explore advent with our teens

The Obstinate Toy Soldier

What if you could turn a tin soldier into a real man?