one80 at the Movies: Tangled | Recap

Instagram TangledEach year we host an “at the Movies” series in our one80 midweek program. These series are a month-long and feature popular movies that are used to help students connect with God.

What Was Our Topic This Week? This week’s topic was a look at the lies that we are tricked into believing by the world. To explore this topic we used the movie Tangled.

Who Taught This Week? This week was led by a trio of high school students

What Can We Celebrate From This Week? The discussion led by our trio of teachers was a lively one with many of the group engaging. Their points were simple and easily caught, and they left our crowd with a lot of solid practical application. The movie was well-received by most of the crowd and was a lot of fun. Our challenge was a lot of fun and the whole group seemed to enjoy themselves while competing. We were able to welcome a brand new student to one80, and saw the return of two others we have not seen in over a month.

What Can We Improve Upon for Next Week? Our group was about half the size of normal this week, allowing for a bit of disarray during some of the lesson time. Our worship time in music was not as lively as I had hoped, with the group seeming to be apprehensive to join in.

Summary: This week was a good evening, and those who were here gained a lot from it.

By the Numbers
Scripture Used: Psalm 119:69; John 8.32; Mark 9.21-24
Attendance This Week: 12 students, 3 adults
Attendance Last Year on This Night: 17 students, 5 adults
Worship Set List: Glory to God (Fee), You Alone Can Rescue (Redman), In the Hands of God (Newsboys)