TIghtening My Focus

UPDATE: A lot of this is no longer on the table for me, as I have been let go from my ministry position (and most of these items are ministry-related). Watch for a post on that.

Over the past few months life has gotten very hectic for me. We have a new child on the way, I am trying to finish up my licensing within our denomination, ministry to teenagers is constant. Add to that the several other hats I wear for the church, helping a fellow youth worker out and a myriad of other tasks and responsibilities I have each week. I don’t know if I still have any regular readers here at the Brainpan, but I would like to think that I do and that I have something to offer them on a regular basis.

So here is what I am setting up for myself over the next couple of months:

  • I will be resuming my weekly Wednesday night recap blog posts. These have always been a great way for me to recap and think through ministry that we are doing in TSM each week.
  • I plan to post something student ministry-specific once a week. This could be anything within the realm of student ministry.
  • I plan to continue posting book reviews (from my reading list for 2014) here at The Brainpan whenever I complete a book.
  • I hope to post once a week over at TV Rethought as I continue my rewatch project.
  • I would like to share a couple of times a month about our family life here at The Brainpan.

So if you are a regular here, this is what you can look forward to. And please feel free to add your thoughts whenever you come across something you like… or dislike.