2 Easy Ways to Collect Student Information

Figuring out which students are missing from regular youth group gatherings, and trying to remember what the phone number of that new student who came for the first time can be a chore for some people. This is important information that we need to maintain contact with students in our ministries. It allows us to make phone calls to the family, send out postcards to let them know we were glad to see them, andIMG_3152 even potentially show up to some of their extracurriculars and show support. Here are two ways that we gather important information from our students at Trinity Student Ministries.

TSM Vital Statistics Card
This is something that we have all of our first-time guests fill out. (We even make a trade: their information for a free item from our snack bar). This is a simple card I created in Pages (I do use a Mac, you can use Word or any other program, I am sure. In the old days I used to use Publisher) and it asks for a few simple things. Name, address, phone number, school, grade and birthday. We also invite them to share any extra-curricular activities they take part in (such as sports, drama, band, etc.). This allows us to have immediate contact and a small window into their world.

Google Drive SpreadsheetIMG_3158
I have just started using this in the past few weeks. I have an old(er) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 that I hardly use since I upgraded to an iPad. I threw together a basic spreadsheet in Google Docs asking for basic “sign-in” information (Name, grade, cell phone information to join our text notification service and t-shirt size). This is something I used to do with a simple printout document, but this was nicer. (It really allows me to read everyone’s information!). Students can tap in their info and it all collects into a separate document I can access from anywhere.

Both of these are great ways to collect information from students, but are useless if you do nothing with them. Later this week I will share a little bit about how we have made use of this information lately.