Our Youth Ministry Preseason

This is a followup to a post I wrote earlier this week. If you missed it you can find it here.Ministry Team 2013 Vertical

Every NFL, College and High School football team is preparing for the regular season to start. This time of year youth ministries are gearing up for a new “regular season” to begin, and I would like to share what we are doing to prepare in our ministry. Hopefully you will find something here that can help you in your own ministry.

Signing Free Agents
Before the summer was over, our leadership team from last year brainstormed some ideas for new people we could invite to be a part of our team. Admittedly, I have not had the ability to invite everyone on our list yet, but most have been approached.

Working the Rookies In
This year we are trying something new with our leadership. Last year we had separate Adult and Student Leadership Teams. Starting in about 2 days, these separate teams will combine into one Ministry Team that will carry the vision for Trinity Student Ministries this year. This will allow our veterans (adult leaders) to come alongside our rookies (students) and mentor them as leaders, and give them strong examples of what men and women after God’s own heart look like. It will also allow our students to have more of a voice in what we do as a ministry.

Practicing the Fundamentals
Through this preseason we still are running our regular programs on Sunday and Wednesday. We are also still encouraging our current leadership to continue to build relationships with our students.

Installing the Playbook
Perhaps the biggest item of our preparation is our Ministry Team Retreat that we are holding this Saturday. For 5 hours we will meet to pray together, worship together, and go over our ministry manual. This will be a refresher for our current leaders, and will be (most likely) an eye-opening experience for our new team members as they see just what goes on behind the scenes to make TSM run.

As part of our retreat, we will be brainstorming programming, teaching and event ideas for the next 12 months. We have the vision in place, we just have to put the ball on the field. We will get a specific plan in place for what we will do week-to-week and each team member will leave the retreat with a clearly defined role in how they will fit into the “scheme” that we are running this year.

So there is a brief rundown of what we are doing to prepare for the “regular season” of Student Ministry this year. What are you doing to prepare in your part of the world?