The Youth Ministry Preseason

As the summer winds down and we find ourselves in the no-man’s-land of August, there are two things I look forward to: the return of football (both NFL and Collegiate), and a new season of Student Ministry.

I am struck with a lot of parallels between the two. Right now the NFL is in its preseason, which means teams are evaluating talent, learning schemes, welcoming new players, getting back into “football shape” and trying out new ideas. After a few weeks the regular season will start and it the games will count. There will be an end goal in mind and each team will compete hard for it, leaving everything on the field week in and week out.

Youth Ministry is in the same type of space right now. The summer is winding down and students are going into a preparatory mode. Teachers are getting ready for a new school year. Churches are gearing up for a big push to get people back into the habit of attending after a summer of hit-and-miss involvement. Ministries are bringing new leaders on board. And in our church setting, we are finally starting to use our newly renovated building since not being able to do so since February!

It is not a perfect metaphor, but it got me thinking about what we do to prepare for a new season of ministry. What are you doing in your Preseason to get ready? I’ll share some more about what we are doing later on this week.