re:play week 2 (midweek evaluation)

Set List: Glory to God Forever, By Your Side, 10,000 ReasonsRePlay Square

Scripture Used: Philippians 4.8; Proverbs 4.23

Additional Resources Used: Song lyrics and handouts for 5 songs popular with the group.

Evening in a Sentence: Building off of our lesson last week, we gave students a chance to ask the five questions about 5 songs that are performed by bands/solo acts popular with our group.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Post-It Note Grab Game (game), Frisbee golf, exploring and playing in the small creek beside the church, football in the back yard and some sort of dodgeball game in the parking lot.

What Worked: There was a lot of great student interaction tonight as they played, shared stories, and laughed together. Some of them really built into others and we got to see some great, deep conversations take place. Students really got into the lesson and showed real effort in exploring what the songs have to say and how they can impact on their faith. One student was even shocked at what one song in particular had to say. On a personal note, I had two deep conversations with students about their faith, family life and more that probably wouldn’t have happened (at least the conversation after the evening) if not for tonight’s program. Three students showed that they internalized last week’s lesson by sharing what the five questions were, and what Scripture passages we used. Our challenge was short, simple, and a fun for our group.

What Needs Work: Making sure we have supplies at the building before the evening starts (oops). We still cannot find the phone that went missing last week.

Summary: After a full day of phone calls, planning and more, this evening served as a solid finale to a full day of ministry for me. Students got a chance to put last week’s lesson into practice.

Student Numbers: 18

Leader Numbers: 6

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 22
Leader Numbers: 6