re:play (midweek evaluation)

Set List: Your Grace Is Enough, Our God is Greater, How He Loves.RePlay Square

Scripture Used: Philippians 4.8; Proverbs 4.23

Additional Resources Used: None

Evening in a Sentence: We dusted off our 5 questions for determining whether our music choices are good or not. (Prezi can be found here, teaching notes can be accessed here).

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Death Ball (game), Frisbee golf, exploring and playing in the small creek beside the church.

What Worked: We were finally able to meet outside the house tonight! Students loved being able to be outside, and it allowed for a lot of fun to be had. The message resonated well with students, and at least one was surprised at how quickly our 5 questions (why are you listening? what is the story? what is the message? how does the music fit into your life? how does the music line up with God’s ideals?) showed some of the hidden messages in a song from a popular music act. There was  lot of great community time to be had tonight, and a lot of laughter. We even had 2 students show up who have been MIA for a long time. Adding a “Treasure chest” for prizes after challenges was a fantastic success, and the game itself tonight was a lot of fun for nearly everyone who played. I was even able to work in some unplanned teaching after the game.

What Needs Work: One student lost her phone and we were unable to find it. A few students struggled to pay attention at times.

Summary: Tonight was a good evening overall. Though the end of the night was soured by the missing phone, just about everyone present left with a lot to think about, and some clear challenges about how they choose their music.

Student Numbers: 15

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 24
Leader Numbers: 6