As Seen on: Go On (4.17.2013)

Facebook Ad - Go OnSet List: Rock of Ages (Charlie Hall) & Move Me (Jordan Howerton Band) while writing and praying over prayer requests.

Scripture Used: Ephesians 4.1-7; 1 Corinthians 12.12-27

Additional Resources Used: 3 video clips from Go On  (1×03 – There’s No Ryan in Team and 1×05 – Do You Believe in Ghosts… Yes!)

Evening in a Sentence: This week we explored how God intended (and still intends) for us to exist and live in the world… together. (Check out the Prezi here and the teaching notes here)

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner.

What Worked: Tonight was a blessing for many of our students. We welcomed back our new student from last week who is loving being involved. Our Student Leaders prepared and served dinner and that went over very well. The lesson itself really sank in for several of our teens. We experimented with our music, challenging students to write two prayer requests – one that only God can answer, and one that is a need another human could meet – and place them on a chalkboard. At the end of the evening students were asked to pray for the requests and to take ones that God could help them answer. Even the more disruptive teens seemed to get on board with this experiment. The 30 Hour Famine message created  strong support and registrations for our event coming up at the end of the month.

What Needs Work: Small space again. The Famine time felt long.

Summary: Like last week, tonight was another good, solid evening of ministry that left me feeling very encouraged at what God is doing in and through our teens. Getting a positive text message from a teen who was encouraged and challenged shortly after arriving home really cemented that for me.

Student Numbers: 18

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 25
Leader Numbers: 5