As Seen on: LOST (4.10.2013)

Set List: Love is Here, Our God Saves, After All (Holy)LOST FB Ad 1

Scripture Used: James 1.2-4; Matthew 5.45; The Book of Job (summarized)

Additional Resources Used: 2 video clips from LOST  (1×07 – The Moth)

Evening in a Sentence: This week we answered the question: Why does God let bad things happen to good people? (Check out the Prezi here and the teaching notes here)

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Switch-a-Roo (in which two contestants compete to see who can be the first to detect changes in each others’ appearance).

What Worked: Tonight we welcomed a new student who has been struggling in his own church’s youth ministry, and he really seemed to click and got a lot out of our time together. The lesson really seemed to land right where several of our teens needed it. Another student we have not seen in a while returned tonight and I found out afterwards that she really needed to hear what we shared tonight. Our game/challenge was a lot of fun, and even managed to pit a female student against her boyfriend. Our music was better this week. Our hang out time allowed for some good conversation to take place.

What Needs Work: The space in the HoP is not the greatest and that was shown tonight. The leader who was bringing food arriving late.

Summary: Tonight was another good, solid evening of ministry that left me feeling very encouraged at what God is doing in and through our teens.

Student Numbers: 15

Leader Numbers: 6

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 25
Leader Numbers: 4