Famine Kickoff 2013

Tonight we hosted our annual 30 Hour Famine Kickoff event. This year it was a bit smaller than in years past (this week is Spring Break for all but one school district in the area. There are a lot of families on vacation). It was a different experience for our teens, and even for our leadership. Kelly is the adult leader who oversees the Famine, and she has two student leaders helping her out. They had to adjust their plans for a smaller group and I think they did just fine.

We started by breaking the group up into smaller groups according to countries. Each participant was given a new identity based upon things that really happen in that country. As part of that identity, we were given money to purchase our dinner, and there were some disasters that altered those plans for most of us. From there Kelly filled us in on what the Famine is, and how we can raise funds to help end hunger worldwide. There were three informational videos from World Vision interspersed throughout the evening, and one of our student leaders closed out the evening by reading an adaptation of Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000, challenging us to feed our 5,000, and closing the evening in prayer.

All in all I feel that tonight’s event was a good experience for everyone. For those who have never been a part of the Famine it was an opportunity to see what it is all about. For those who have been a part of it before, it was a chance to get excited for this year’s Famine. And for those who are going to be in Nicaragua with us in July it is a very small preview of what we will encounter while serving abroad.

Student Numbers: 6

Leader Numbers: 3

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 16
Leader Numbers: 4

For more information on the 30 Hour Famine, visit 30hourfamine.org