As Seen on: Duck Dynasty (3.20.13)

Set List: 10,000 Reasons, Our God is Greater, Love is HereAs Seen on TV Week 3

Scripture Used: Psalm 127.3-5; Proverbs 22.6; 1 Timothy 5.8; Ephesians 6.4; Proverbs 1.8; Ephesians 6.1-2; Colossians 3.20; Proverbs 4.23; Proverbs 12.7

Additional Resources Used: 3 video clips from Duck Dynasty (1×11 – Daddy’s Got a Gun). Kinect video arcade games.

Evening in a Sentence: Tonight we looked at the responsibilities of parents and children (especially within the context of dating relationships) while watching Duck Dynasty.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Smack a Mole on Kinect.

What Worked: Loads worked well tonight. The Student Leadership team providing dinner was a pleasant change of pace for our adult leadership and gave our teens a little more ownership of the evening. The lesson landed fantastically, engaging students in an area they have strong opinions on, and leaving them with a fresh perspective of the role their parents have been given by God. We had a new student tonight who is dating one of our regulars. The House of Prayer continues to provide a great environment for discussion. Students who are in current dating relationships were able to offer some good insights that backed up the main points of the evening.

What Needs Work: The lesson felt a little bit long tonight. Our music was a little rough at points.

Summary: This was a fantastic night on many levels. Students are engaging and they really tied into the lesson this week. I look forward to continuing the discussion with many of our teens who were here this week.

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 24
Leader Numbers: 5