Church in a Synagogue

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.47.38 PMOur building is undergoing a renovation (and has been for the past several months) and we have finally reached a point when we can no longer occupy the space while construction is going on. So thanks to a relationship one of our elders has built with the cantor at a local synagogue, our church will be meeting in a synagogue for the next couple of months. This has been a very intriguing situation for me, and one in which God has definitely shown His hand at work many times over already.

One of those areas has been in my High School teaching schedule. Over the past 6 weeks I have been dusting off a series I wrote a couple of years ago (FAITH) that explores several other world faith systems and compares their core beliefs to Christianity. Our ultimate goal for this series is not just information on what other people believe, but also to give students a handle on how they can talk with people who are coming from those belief systems. Originally, Judaism was not one of the systems explored in the series, but at the request of a few students (and because of the fact that we would eventually be meeting in the synagogue) I added Judaism into the mix at week 6. Now, originally we were supposed to be able to hold off on moving into the Synagogue until after Easter, but about 10 days ago we were informed that we would have to move after March 10th. Yesterday we had our first Sunday gathering in the synagogue, and as God would have it, our Sunday School lesson was Judaism.

Not planned by me at all.

I have to say that was pretty cool, seeing Him at work like that.

BONUS: A video tour of the Synagogue we created for our congregation back in December.