As Seen on: Once Upon a Time (3.13.13)

Set List: Oh Happiness, Shadows, Jesus Paid It AllAs Seen on TV Week 2 Facebook Ad

Scripture Used: Genesis 1.26-31; Genesis 2.8-9; Genesis 3.1-5; Isaiah 7.13-14; Genesis 3.14-15; Isaiah 59.20; Jeremiah 33.16; Revelation 22.1-5; John 1.12; Romans 10.9-10

Additional Resources Used: 3 video clips from Once Upon a Time (1×01 – Pilot). Kinect Adventures.

Evening in a Sentence: The second night of our  As Seen on TV series explores the parallels between Once Upon a Time’s storyline and the fall of humanity outlined in Genesis.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Reflex Ridge (Obstacle Course) on Kinect.

What Worked: Technology worked very well for us this week after problems the past two weeks. Tonight was our first night meeting in the House of Prayer (a house the church owns next door to the main building) during our building renovation. The atmosphere was very upbeat and positive. We had a new visitor this week, and the lesson really seemed to sink in to most of our students. Music was a bright spot, and we had a lot of engagement in our lesson’s interactive elements. Dinner was a good experience this week, and provided a lot of discussion time for all of our students.

What Needs Work: The House of Prayer is indeed small, and that limits what we can do. There were a couple of students who had a hard time limiting their talking during our lesson time.

Summary: Tonight was an adventure for us, and things went very well. Students really engaged in the idea of being a part of a story that is bigger than themselves.

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 22
Leader Numbers: 4