As Seen On: The Big bang Theory (3.6.13)

Set List: You Never Let Go, Marvelous Light, Worthy of My Praise (I Will Worship)As Seen on TV Week 1

Scripture Used: John 15.14-16; Ephesians 1.11-12; Romans 10.9; Psalm 37.4-5

Additional Resources Used: Video clips from The Big Bang Theory (2×13 – The Friendship Algorithm). (We used a little more than is in this YouTube clip, but you get the big idea). Explanation video for the Minute to Win It Game.

Evening in a Sentence: The first night of our new As Seen on TV series explores what Sheldon Cooper can teach us about becoming friends with the Creator of the universe.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner, Penny Hose (Minute to Win It Game).

What Worked: There was a lot to like about tonight, starting with the atmosphere. We had a very laid-back evening that allowed us to explore how God calls us to be friends with Him. Students really latched onto the discussion (I even had to interrupt one table to get into the lesson). The video clips were a success, and the challenge was a hit (the pantyhose provided a lot of entertainment throughout the rest of the evening). Our music participation was at a high level, and we even managed to have a couple of students helping run Easy Worship and the sound board. But I think my favorite part may have been the two questions that students asked after I was done teaching. “How do we know it is God’s voice we hear?” and “Since God is my friend should I ask Him for things?” The questions provided us the opportunity to see that students were indeed taking in what was being taught and interacting with it.

What Needs Work: Technology was again a nemesis for us this week (not as bad as last week, but not great either). Our schedule was largely a mess, and the music selection continues to be stuck in older songs (for the most part). There were a few regular students who were missing due to school and sports commitments, and one or two teens who were MIA without knowing what was keeping them away. There were two students who gave a couple of our leaders some difficulty in not sitting with the rest of the group.

Summary: For our first night in a new series and a new mission for Wednesday evening, I would say that tonight was a success. I came home excited and energized, and I know that several students left with a lot to ponder.

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 12
Leader Numbers: 7