Something Different | 2.27.2013

Set List: Blessed Be the Name, After All (Holy)SomethingDifferent3

Scripture Used: Hebrews 10.24-25; Colossians 3.16; Psalm 5.7; 1 Chronicles 16.9; 1 John 4.1; Acts 2.42-47

Additional Resources Used: Video clips from Friday Night Lights and Home Improvement. Promo Trailer for As Seen on TV series (upcoming).

Evening in a Sentence: Before we launch into our new series (and new direction) for Wednesday nights, we are taking an evening to explore what that series and direction will look like for us, and for the friends that we will invite to join us.

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner.

What Worked: A lot of our students caught on to our plan to shift Wednesdays into more of an outreach model than we have been running. They were even excited to offer their ideas on how we can make Wednesdays (and other parts of one80) more effective at reaching their friends for Christ. We had a few students tonight who just started coming who dove right in to what we were doing, and seemed to make themselves right at home.

What Needs Work: Where to start? Technology failed us at nearly every turn, and on an evening in which I was relying on it a lot to facilitate our discussion (video clips, background music, etc.) it was a very frustrating and trying evening. Our dinner presented us with some challenges in being able to eat on time.

Summary: Despite the negative parts of this evening, in the end it was a solid night. We spent time in the Word exploring what God’s plan for the church is. Students shared their ideas and their dreams for one80. One of our leaders pointed out that despite some of the rumblings going on in our church body over the past year, none of our students have a negative view of who we are as a congregation.

Student Numbers: 16

Leader Numbers: 6

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 21
Leader Numbers: 5 (+ 4 additional adults as panelists for a discussion)