HABIT #6: Scripture Memorization (2.13.13)

Set List: Holy is the Lord, Your Love is Everything, Cry of My HeartHabitsVertical

Scripture Used: Psalm 119.9-11; Luke 6.45; Colossians 3.16; 1 Peter 2.2; Luke 4.1-13; Joshua 1.8

Additional Resources Used:  Several TV theme songs and popular radio singles from years past.

Evening in a Sentence: God gave us the Scriptures to draw us closer to Him – why wouldn’t you want that?

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner. Acting out one segment of the Scriptures that we looked at (Luke 4.1-13). Name That Tune during the lesson time.

What Worked: Tonight we welcomed three new teens and they really seemed to settle in well with us. Our dinner time really allowed us to engage students in conversation and the atmosphere itself was perfect for our group. The lesson itself really seemed to sink in with students and they really did engage at the end of the evening. It was great to hear so many of them share about their favorite passages of Scripture. Having volunteers pantomime the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness gave the evening a very memorable moment that will stick with the students for a long time.

What Needs Work: The sound equipment was a major drawback tonight and it gave us fits a couple of times, forcing us to be flexible. Beyond that the only real negative was my own poor health that made it a struggle to get through the evening a couple of times.

Summary: Overall I would rate this evening as a solid finale to the HABITS series. I don not think that I will include my original idea of a wrap-up night with interactive prayer stations featuring all of the HABITS (the series has run too long and we need to move on), but we will make the extra supplies available to all of our students over the next couple of weeks. Tonight was a success on several levels, and I look forward to building on this momentum as we move forward.

Student Numbers: 20

Leader Numbers: 7 (and one additional adult)

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 20
Leader Numbers: 6