Service Night Recap (1.30.2013)

Service Night SquareTonight we took a slightly different route for our regular service night. Since we have spent the past month talking about the need for Christians to be involved in the church body, we spent a lot of time talking about how our students can get involved in our church on Sunday mornings. We already have several who help out in the media ministry, children’s ministry and on the praise team. But we still have a large contingent who are not plugged into our church beyond showing up on Sundays and/or Wednesdays. Sunday morning we have a good-sized group of teens who will help out with greeting people, serving as ushers, leading children in praising God, and helping in a couple of other capacities. And they are excited to do so.

We also spent some time reading through Acts 2 and talking about how we can emulate the early church. But perhaps one of the biggest things that we did tonight was a little different approach to our worship. Rather than sing a few songs together, I played a couple of songs through the system (Sequence 4 by the David Crowder*Band and Living Water by The 5 O’Clock People) while students spread out through the room and wrote their prayers on a note card. We collected the cards on our makeshift altar, and I shared that in the spirit of keeping this between them and God I would not read the prayers. (I intend to mail them to students in a couple of weeks, as I had them fold the cards and write their names on the outside). This experience triggered a couple of deep conversations with students, which gave us a great opportunity to connect with them as leaders.

Another win for us this evening was the return of a couple of students we have not seen in a while.