Student Leader Takeover (1.23.2013 Recap)

Set List: Come, Now is the Time to Worship, All We Need, Stronger, God of Wonders

Scripture Used: Lamentations 3.17-24; Exodus 1.16; Exodus 2.4-9; Exodus 2.23-25; Exodus 4.1-17; Philippians 4.13

Additional Resources Used: None

Evening in a Sentence: Have you ever felt like God has abandoned you?

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner. A Challenge that asked students to trust the directions of a partner while blindfolded.

What Worked: Tonight was the evening we set aside for our Student Leadership Team to lead, and their message really connected well with the room. The music really felt full and engaging this week. Our two speakers communicated well and did not seem overly nervous. Our [LIFE Group] time created a lot of great discussion. The challenge was a lot of fun and gave our students something tangible to hold on to. Using “The Good, The Bad and the Godly/ High Point, Low Point and where God was working this week” was a great choice for opening discussion. The question posed really opened up some doors for a few of our group to engage. We saw a student return whom we have not seen in months.

What Needs Work: There were times when the nerves of our student leaders showed through (this was their first time with this much responsibility on a Wednesday evening). Students in charge of setup did not arrive as early as they were supposed to, nor did the musicians. There were no visual aids (PowerPoint, Pictures, videos, etc.) and our student teachers felt that may have lessened the impact of the lesson.

Summary: Tonight was a very good evening for our Student Leaders, and for our whole group. Though there were some bumps along the way, the SLT really drove a solid, Biblical point home. And it was a lesson that grew out of what they have been reading in Scripture recently. That alone really seemed to settle in with the rest of the group and left them with a big challenge to rise up to. It was a great night, and a fantastic opportunity to see our student leaders lead.

Student Numbers: 18

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 30
Leader Numbers: 6