Something Different (1.16.13)

Set List: Days of Elijah, Filled With Your Glory, Phos Hilaron, Joyous LightSomethingDifferent3

Scripture Used: Psalm 78.70-72; Psalm 122.1; 1 Timothy 4.12

Additional Resources Used: Puzzles.

Evening in a Sentence: Can teenagers really make a difference in the church?

Element of Fun: Fellowship time over dinner. Jenga during dinner. Puzzles during the lesson.

What Worked: Tonight we tried out a different format, combining discussion groups around tables, interactive elements, quizzing, and even some movement around the room. For the most part it went well. Discussion was once again lively, especially for our new student and another we have only seen one other time this year. The music was a little different this week (I led) and it seemed to feel fuller (at least from the front of the room). The puzzles were a really solid interactive element. Our fellowship time over dinner was great. Students really seemed to latch onto the message and internalized it. The table quizzes were fun for the group. Our students were genuinely welcoming to our new guest. 

What Needs Work: The table quiz movements were not as smooth as I had hoped. It was hard to tell if a few of our students were internalizing the lesson or zoning out. I was not able to really debrief with our adult leaders afterwards (met with the Student Leaders about next week and then with the Elders). Technology was not cooperative all afternoon in preparing for tonight.

Summary: Tonight was a solid evening of ministry. Though there was a lot that did not cooperate with me in getting ready, the end result was a great one. I was especially excited that two students (new and returning) felt comfortable enough to open up about their life, and one in particular opened the door to some pretty deep conversation with me (I do wish it was longer). There were a lot of great thoughts and ideas from students about how they can impact the church, and in some cases continue to impact the church. So I think this HABIT is really sinking in for most.

Student Numbers: 17

Leader Numbers: 5

Comparison to the same week last year:
Student Numbers: 27
Leader Numbers: 5

Bonus: Recap Video I put together to help our students remember tonight’s message