A Great Question to Ask Your Volunteers

This week we held our first leader’s meeting since our Christmas party together, and I wanted to take us in a little bit different direction. Normally there is a time for training, planning and dreaming. Not that those are bad things at all, but tonight I had a question I wanted to ask our leaders.

“Are we utilizing your gifts and passions to their fullest in our ministry?”

I think oftentimes in ministry it can be very easy to forget that our volunteers who help us do ministry to (and with) teenagers have been giving passions and dreams of their own that could enhance our ministries. It is not anything that we do intentionally, but I think that often we can overlook their personalities, their desires, and their drive to reach teenagers. They might have some fantastic ideas that you would never consider because you have a different perspective than they do. And in the process of forgetting all of this we can wind up beating them down and sometimes even kill their passions. And if that happens, they will either walk through their ministry hollow and listless – perhaps even bitter, or they will leave. If that happens, then we are directly responsible, and God might have some words to say to us. We as leaders need to help our volunteers find joy in their ministry.

So don’t forget to foster excitement and passion in your volunteers. Ask them this question often. Find out if there are any ways you can help improve their experience in ministry.

Discussion Question: When was the last time you asked your volunteers if they were being utilized to their fullest potential in your ministry? Leave your thoughts in a comment below.